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Nutrition & Welness

The role of an AFPA Certified Nutrition & Wellness Consultant:

  • Assists clients in healthy eating habits and meeting their weight management and nutritional goals.

  • Offers a sound nutritional plan.

  • Advise and present a balanced nutritional strategy.

  • Discussing and advising on weight management plans.

  • Offers nutritional plans for optimizing health.

Nutrition and Wellness Consultant Objectives: 

  • Identify the major functions of the macro- and micro-nutrients as well as oxygen.

  • List good and practical food sources of the macronutrients.

  • Judge the effects of food choices on physical fitness and health.

  • Discuss the principles of energy balance and evaluate the use of various weight control diets to meet appropriate weight goals.

  • Describe methods used to assess nutrition status.

  • Explain how dietary recommendations are formulated.

  • Understand how to reinforce positive food habits and behaviors.

  • Discuss the role of diet in causing and preventing various diseases, particularly chronic diseases.

  • Describe a healthy diet and food choices, and explain why such choices will help prevent health problems.

  • Learn how to personalize your clients meal plan.

  • Identify common myths and fallacies concerning diet.

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