Exercise Coach

This highly practical  course gave me the skills to become a superior exercise professional. After attending the CHEK Exercise Coach Program, I am able to effectively administer individualized exercise programs for all types of clients. Correct technique is emphasized throughout the course, with plenty of hands-on assistance from the CHEK Faculty.

A key component of this certification is the integration of mind-body fitness and traditional exercise prescription. I understand how different types of exercise, from Tai Chi to cardiovascular conditioning to weight training, affect both parts of the autonomic nervous system – an often neglected factor that is vital to achieving success with clients.

Using the C.H.E.K Institute’s unique system of assessing physiological load, a system developed by Paul C.H.E.K., I can determine the amount of physical and emotional stress placed upon the body. Using this system, I am able to implement results producing programs that will enhance a client’s function and overall well-being.

At the conclusion of this course, I learned how to: 


  • Assess my client’s physiological load and write exercise programs to address low, moderate and high overall loads.

  • Assess functional deficits and imbalances in the core and back musculature.

  • Design personalized exercise programs that balance the autonomic nervous system.

  • Understand how optimizing posture not only improves function, but increases overall wellness.

Implement a plethora of exercises that enhance function.




Core Function
Assessing Pelvic tilt and lordosis
R.O.M Assessment
Program Design
R.O.M Assessment for  The Back
7 Days Diet Plan
Agreement For Personal Training Services
Fitter Ball Chart
Exercise Program Form
Physician release form 
Health History Questions
Personal Wellness Goals Form 
Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire
Informed Consent Form For Physical Fitness Program
Metabolic Typing QUestionnaire