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How Does It Work

A standard VIP health coach workout program will consist of the following:

·                     10 minute warm up and stretching routines

·                     20 minute strength training regimen

·                     10 minutes of cool down and breathing therapy

·                     20 minutes of discussion on healthy nutrition


suited specifically to the individual client

On all work out programs your VIP health coach will actively participate in all routines.

All nutritional changes and changes to the vitamins that you take will be discussed during each work out and a full list of changes will not be crammed into your first session. We will work our way up to what you need.

At each session a new change to your lifestyle will be discussed to gradually get you to live a permanent healthy lifestyle, your changes will be checked on and reviewed until the client actually makes the
changes successfully.

All changes to create a healthy life style will be performed on a time line at the client’s convenience; no changes are ever pushed on clients.

VIP health coach will also be available to discuss programs or medical concerns with a client’s medical Doctor whenever required.

A full reassessment will occur after a 4 week program has been successfully completed to analyze changes and change the program as needed to ensure success

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