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Optimal Health, A Healthier Approach To Diet and Exercise

Born and Raised in Brooklyn, Henry Weber grew up in a large family setting. These experience gave Henry the ability to interact communicate and work well with people in close surroundings.

Having  owned and operated a furniture company for over 20 years and been a real estate developer as well. Henry clearly understands the lifestyle o f a business owner and  the many responsibilities and stresses that are involved with them.Henry has experienced the worried and stresses sometimes caused by pressing financial issues associated with banks and suppliers, and he understands well the physical toll which managing or operating a business can take on one's body.

In 2000 Henry became involved in t he study of anatomy and emergency medical training. Henry became a EMT because he wanted to give back to society and help people in need. As an EMT he encountered many different people who suffer from various medical conditions. Henry noticed that many people, young and old alike. suffer from serious medical disorders. He then became involved in the study of personal training and nutrition in order to try to understand why these conditions are such a widespread problem.

In 2004 Henry started working with a large number of people acting as health coach. He successfully trained and helped many clients from all different walks of life spanning different types of cultures and personalities. " Good health is unbiased" says Henry. However, different cultures eat different foods have different habits. This making it vital to learn health lifestyle in a comfortable fashion.

Since 2004,through many years of training. Henry has successfully compete courses which certified him as a NYS paramedic. Clinical nutritionist and many other certification as you see listed on this site. All of this hard work on the part of Henry will be able to help you as a client reach optimal health

The benefits of Henry's understanding of many aspects of the person from medical to holistic and nutrition's will undoubtedly be of great benefit to everyone be consults.

VIP Health Coach

Phone: 917-331-3500


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